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Global threats pervade our space. The cost of building reasonable TI has remained out of practical reach. The history, methodology and evolution of threat has become TTR's primary research goal.

As deep research exposes OSINT, NINT, SOCMINT, behavioral ques around the web's threat actors the individual needs to understand the immediacy of threats to themselves and their businesses.

TTR is focusing its research efforts on source information distillation, reactive learning systems to acquire TI for specific business needs based on prevalent attack patterns to various communities.

Specific instances of this work are being developed on small cost-effective platforms based on inexpensive computer clusters (utilizing Raspberry PI's) low scale networks, wireless sandboxing, and inexpensive firewall configurations (Ubiquiti Edge Routers).

Our Team's security experience spans 30 years in the industry; developing early incident response approaches, and engineering the first proactive network security systems. Each researcher has multiple industry certifications, engineering backgrounds, TI experience, and the wisdom to apply them.

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