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TTR Group represents one of the most experienced firms in the Colorado Front range, with IT Design and management skills practiced throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Our team includes developers of leading edge data center management software, compliance and incident response processes which later became industry standards, and practical experience honed through the entire spectrum of government, private, and global public networks.

TTR's working group came into existence in 1985, as massive private networks were becoming the norm for Fortune 500 businesses. Consulting to major corporations, research organizations, and government were part and parcel of each members daily business.

As the global public networks came of age, TTR not only designed basic services now common to the Internet, but was on the forefront of proactive security solutions for the same Fortune 500 business.

Today, TTR offers seasoned consulting to every business engaged in eCommerce.

Let us give you a cost-effective, practical solution to your security assessment, compliance, and IT design needs.

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