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Within TTR the essence of the founding team remains:
"Technology evolves over time, change is the only constant; need and use are eternal"
our challenge is to understand it, work within it, and support others in doing so.

TTR's Security Service continues to be first-in-class in IT & Security consulting. Keen insight, and years of experience bring a focus to assessing risk, achieving definitive analysis, and practical remediation shared by few firms. Our customers; from the youngest business to the seasoned firms remain well satisfied with our services.

Information, so broadly shared in todays world, makes the likelihood our customers house some portion of our own personal data, a very real fact. The care we take in serving our customers IT challenges, benefits us both, in assuring sound defense of their perimeter we protect us all against a common enemy.

TTR's Conferencing Service is a current implementation of the groups initial research work. As one of the first conferencing services .aka. "Chat Sites" this environment gave rise to thousands of similar sites, by offering the code freely to the public. In the early years of its first incarnation (1993-1997), the NUchat V1.0 chat system was borne supporting millions of hits a day, with a user base rising to 1.8 million. In 2006 this service stands as the OLDEST Operating Chat site in the world. For details on the latest version of NUchat V2.0 please visit the site developed by our esteemed partners at WSN

TTR's Internet Research created by the original TTR Working Group was founded in the early days preceding the Internet. The team, then composed of advanced network and software engineers, perceived linkages growing between the island networks of the Fortune 100 global corporate networks. Groundwork previously developed by the team:

  • Self managing networks: Global network self healing and reconfiguring
  • Lights out data centers: Multi-city networks and systems operating without direct day-to-day human intervention
  • Proactive Security response: The first network and system risk assessment and response systems
  • First e-commerce services: Hosting DEC's first ecommerce site in 1993
became essential to effective participation as these early networks merged.
Extensive experience in maintaing and securing global entworks, guaranteeing critical services with 100% uptime, and creating proactive security defenses to ward off a decade of attacks, became the teams legacy.

This research work has given rise to the security and conferencing services, and even now is focusing to develop an in-depth understanding of the current trends in SPAM, VIRUS/MALWARE, and Network abuse research and Synthetic personality systems.

Together these skills and experience are a hallmark of the service that is TTR.

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