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All content on this website is copyright (c)2005, Optimum Network Services, LLC, all rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction of this website is expressly prohibited. Reprint permission is expressly disallowed unless explicity permitted by Data102. Data102 is a trademark of Optimum Network Services, LLC. Please contact us for reproduction and reprinting information.

No personally identifiable information is collected on this site unless you choose to give it in the form of an email address. IP addresses of users are logged to prevent misuse of Data102 server facilities.

Email Policy
Email sent to Data102 through this site (or to any Data102-owned domain) becomes the property of Data102 and will be used at Data102's discretion. Harassments, intimidation, threats, slanders, or any other illegal communication received via email will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Sending of email addressed to any account at any domain owned by Data102 for marketing purposes is expressly prohibited.

Spiders, Site-Copies, Mirrors, etc.
Unauthorized use of spiders and the like may result in your IP address being denied further access to the site. General spidering of the website by search engines is permitted, as available in the robots.txt file. Abuse of this website for copying, spidering or mirroring will be reported to the offender's ISP and to the authorities.

Linking Policy
Direct links to any graphic or media files on this site are prohibited and will be disabled. Offenders will have their IP address denied further access to the site. Direct links to any HTML file on the site is permitted. "Deep-linking" is expressly permitted. Enclosing of this site in "frames" is expressly prohibited. Use of this site for any ends other than information is expressly prohibited.

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