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An effective security solution encompasses a sound approach to identifying and remediating any weakness in ones IT environment. To this, add vigilence and maintain a credible defense against todays threats.

The security community defines these areas as Assessment, Remediation, and Monitoring. A business must make significant strides in each area to achieve an effective level of security for daily operation. Implementation of this foundation often lacks thorough audit, effective review processes, and a comprehensive management approach. TTR integrates all six steps creating a Due Diligence technique in:

» What good is any Assessment more without the knowledge and means to dilgently audit its consistent application?
» What value has Remediation more without a valid review program to insure consistent care in implementing cited fixes?
» And finally Monitoring more is of little consequence it no management plan insures escalation, implements compliance, trains personnel, and establishes responses to newly discovered threats.

We continue to offer extensive services in risk assessment, social engineering, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing (Internet, Modem, PBX, wireless, application). Our asssement of compliance, best practices, regulatory, and legal issues offers you practical integration of both approaches, crafted specifically to address your businesses needs.

Contact us today to see how we can build a secure foundation for your business.

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